Frequently Asked Questions

A list of frequently asked questions from new users. We recommend reading these before submitting a new support request.

Is Typescript required?

No, Skeleton does not require Typescript, though we highly recommend it. Please be aware all documentation examples are written with Typescript by default. If you wish to learn Typescript we recommend Totally Typescript.

What package managers are supported?

We support NPM (Node Package Manager). Neither Yarn or PNPM are officially supported at this time.

Can I use a monorepo?

Yes, but please be mindful of the node_modules path in your project configuration. We do not tailor instruction for this use case.

Do you have a project roadmap?

Yes, view our roadmap. This covers major milestones leading up to the v1.0 release.

How can I contribute?

See the contribution guide. This covers all requirements for getting started.

Where can I learn Svelte?

We recommend the official documentation and tutorial.

Where can I learn Tailwind?

We recommend the official documentation and YouTube channel.

Where can I learn SvelteKit, Vite, or Astro?

We recommend the official documentation for SvelteKit, Vite, and Astro.

Need additional support? Reach out.