Premium templates now available via GitHub Sponsors!

Chris Simmons @SkeletonUI
Premium templates now available via GitHub Sponsors!

Hey everyone, Chris here from Skeleton Labs. I wanted to make you aware of two important updates dropping today in regards to the Skeleton Store and our GitHub Sponsorships incentives.

Skeleton Store

We introduced the Skeleton Store in July as a means to help generate funds to support the free and open source Skeleton project. Unfortunately it has fell short of our expectations:

  • Sales have been much lower than anticipated - we clearly missed the mark on pricing and/or promotion
  • We've had difficulty supporting tax laws in countries outside the United States
  • Technical limitations have prevented us from easily maintaining or update the template assets

Our goal has always been to provide our premium templates to as many people as possible, while still enabling you to support Skeleton in return. Given this, we've made the tough decision to closing the Skeleton Store. Starting today, the store will no longer be publicly available and will redirect to a page detailing a new manner for obtaining the templates, which we'll discuss below.

GitHub Sponsors Update

Starting today, we will now be offering all premium website templates (previous provided by the Store) as incentives when you sponsor Skeleton via GitHub Sponsors at the Gold Tier ($20 USD) or higher. Please refer to our new documentation page below covering the details, including a detailed FAQ:

By providing the templates via sponsorship, this provides a number of benefits to you:

  • The cost of entry for BOTH our Portfolio and Blog templates is now $20 total, rather than $99 each!
  • GitHub Sponsors is available in most countries, which means these are no longer restricted to the United States.
  • While actively sponsoring you will continue to receive updates to the current templates.
  • While actively sponsoring you gain access to any and all new templates added in the future.
  • We can now more easily deliver regular updates and maintenance to the templates themselves.

While this does require a monthly sponsorship, you are free to cancel at any time. We do, however, encourage you to sponsor for as long as you're able, because again, the end goal is to help fund the open source project and it's core team members. Skeleton remains available in part because of contributions like these.

We hope you enjoy these new changes as we strive to make supporting Skeleton not only more accessible, but also providing better incentives in return. While this is a great start, we are constantly evaluating more options to making sponsorship more exciting and more rewarding. If there are any specific types of templates you would like to see added in the future, or any additional incentives that might help you out, please let us know in the comments! We're building these FOR YOU!


Preview the current themes here:

Visit our GitHub Sponsors page here:

Ko-Fi and Patreon

Please note that we do not currently provide access to the premium templates through Ko-Fi or Patreon at this time. However, we're actively investigating options to allow for this. If you prefer to support Skeleton through these services, please continue to do so. However, if you wish to receive the premium templates, please consider migrating your sponsorship over to GitHub Sponsors.

Template License

Be aware that while Skeleton is free and open source, the templates obtained through our incentive program are not. Each template is provided under the following licensing terms. Sponsorship via GitHub Sponsors grants you the Personal License for these templates. Please take care to avoid cloning or redistribute the templates under this license. However, Skeleton Labs does offer both Commercial and Enterprise licenses with more flexible options for those interested. Please contact for details.