Get Started

Please be aware that Skeleton currently only supports Svelte applications built using SvelteKit. We recommend at least moderate experience with Svelte, SvelteKit, and Tailwind CSS before your proceed.

Install Skeleton

If you're creating a new project we highly recommend this option. The CLI will not only scaffold a new SvelteKit project for you, but automatically configure Skeleton, install Tailwind, and add optional depedencies on demand.

npm create skeleton-app@latest my-skeleton-app
	- Enable SvelteKit's Typescript syntax (recommended)
cd my-skeleton-app

Tailwind CSS

Skeleton features tight integration with Tailwind CSS.

The CLI uses Svelte-Add to install and configure Tailwind within your project.


The CLI will automatically import Skeleton's all.css stylesheet within src/routes/+layout.svelte.


Skeleton themes integrate with Tailwind and support color opacity, dark mode, and our powerful design tokens system.

The CLI will automatically import your preferred preset theme in src/routes/+layout.svelte. You may change this at any time.

Want to create a custom theme? Try our theme generator.

Theme Generator →