Skeleton v1.7.1

Chris Simmons @SkeletonUI
Skeleton v1.7.1

Release Notes

Today's update represents another substantial update on the operational side of things. Skeleton now automatically generates our changelog using Changesets. We've also introduced new CI/CD processes for common pull request tasks (ex: linting), as well as automating the process for packaging and deploying each release to NPM. Overall this should greatly improve the accuracy of this process, and help reduce the manual effort on the part of project maintainers.

You'll also note a change to the format of our release notes going forward. These will now only include the most notable updates that require screenshots, videos, detailed descriptions, migration steps, etc. For a complete list of updates, please view the Skeleton changelog located above or on the sidebar of the main repository page.


  • 🦋 Introducing Changesets for contributors
  • 🔁 Automated CI/CD process for contributors
  • 📄 Paginator UI updates
  • 🔠 Typography prose styles updates


Note Attention Contributors!
Screenshot 2023-06-05 at 2 28 46 PM

When submitting a new pull request that modifies the Skeleton package or any other project in the /packages/* directory, you will need to submit a Changeset as part of the contribution. You'll note a bot message appear in the PR thread that will indicate the Changeset status (shown above). This will aid us in automatically generating a changelog per each release. Creating a Changeset will prompt you for three details:

  • What packages have been modified (only @skeletonlabs/skeleton for now)
  • If the change is a major, minor, or patch
  • A short and semantic description - which appears on the changelog itself

If you're new to Changesets, we've provided additional documentation within our Contribution Guidelines:

NOTE: we do NOT maintain a changelog for documentation updates, please avoid sending changesets that target the documentation project within our monorepo.

Pull Request Updates

Note Attention Contributors!
Screenshot 2023-06-05 at 2 26 58 PM

We've updated our PR submission template on GitHub to be simpler and more informative. This includes instructions for generating Changesets, as well as a checklist of requirements for each pull request. Make sure all steps are completed in full if you wish for your PR to be considered for review.

Screenshot 2023-06-05 at 2 27 34 PM

Additionally, you may also see a list of CI/CD process results that inform you of any failed checks, such as a failure for svelte-check, ESLint, or Prettier formatting. This UI may appear briefly while the process is running, but will hide if all checks pass.

Paginator Updates

Screenshot 2023-06-05 at 2 45 37 PM

A number of notable UI updates have been introduced to the Paginator component. This includes improved arrow and caret icons, improved styling properties, as well as a new numeric row display option. See a preview of this below.

Screenshot 2023-06-05 at 2 45 43 PM

To enable the new numeric row style, follow the instructions provided on the updated documentation page.

DEPRECATED: Typography Prose Styles

If you rely on the Skeleton-provided default styling for the Tailwind Typography plugin, please be aware that today's update will require additional effort on your part. We've been alerted to the fact these styles are causing a breaking issue for users that do not install the Tailwind Typography plugin. Additionally, we no longer feel it's relevant for Skeleton to maintain these styles for an optional plugin. We're introducing a new process today to phase these out:

  1. If you rely on these styles in your project, we've provide a temporary solution through a new dedicated stylesheet called typography-prose.css. To implement this, view our updated documentation.
  2. Long term, we advise you to replicate and maintain these styles in your own project within the app.postcss global stylesheet.

As of Skeleton v2 and forward we will permanently remove the typography-pose.css stylesheet and no longer offer these styles as part of the library. You can, however, continue to use the Tailwind Typography plugin and your own self-maintained set of styles.