Skeleton v1.10.0

Chris Simmons @SkeletonUI
Skeleton v1.10.0


The Skeleton Store is now live!


After a ton of hard work behind the scenes, we're thrilled to announce that the Skeleton Store is now live! This offers professional website templates, designed from the ground up for use with Skeleton. Including custom features, adaptive themes, powerful components, and more. Today's launch includes our first two templates for a blog and personal portfolio site, with more coming soon. View the store or read the full announcement here to learn more.


Alongside the launch of the store, we're introducing a minor release of Skeleton that includes several notable improvements and features. While today's release is on the smaller side, we anticipate the next few releases will be a return to form - including several large and meaty updates. This will likely include the full release of Skeleton v2. This represents a large step forward for Skeleton and much improved onboarding and easy of use, so we're excited to share more soon.

Tree View Component

Screenshot 2023-07-18 at 11 50 07 AM

Today's headline feature is the introduction of the long-requested Tree View component. This element is ideal for drill-down navigation similar to your OS file navigation and includes Skeleton typical slew of customization. With great defaults right out of the box. As with all new feature release this one is launching with the beta tag, which allows you to begin using the product right away, provide feedback, and allow us to make any final adjustments, which may or may not include small breaking changes. Let us know what you think!

A note on Skeleton v2

As a peek into the future of the project - we wanted to share a quick update regarding Skeleton v2. We're currently very close to completing our roadmap, with most issues either complete, pending, or to be implemented over this next release cycle. We're currently expecting this this to drop as either the next release, or the release following. As with any major release, this will include a number of breaking changes. However, alongside this, you'll gain access to a slew major new features, quality of life improvements, and of improved stability and bugfixes. We'll be sharing more about this soon. Stay tuned!