Skeleton v1.2.0

Chris Simmons @SkeletonUI
Skeleton v1.2.0

Premium Support and Services

Alongside today's new release, we're thrilled to announce that Skeleton Labs is now providing premium support and services for your Skeleton projects. This includes professional consulting, contracting, and technical support via core team members such as Chris Simmons, the creator and core maintainer of Skeleton. Check the links below for more information.

Release Notes


  • 🌬️ Support for Tailwind v3.3
  • 🐞 Bugfixes and minor improvements

Support for Tailwind v3.3

In case you missed it, Tailwind recently dropped a a new update with a number of improvements. It will take a while for Skeleton to adopt all the new features, However, we wanted to let you know we've vetted the update and you're welcome to update at your own discretion. Note that new CLI projects will now use v3.3.x (or higher) by default.

When updating to v3.3, please follow our recommendations:

  • Keep your tailwind.config.cjs as is. While .esm and .ts support has been added, we're investigating support for these.
  • You may utilize the new 950 shade of any Tailwind-provided color, however, Skeleton does not yet support this for theme colors (ex: primary, secondary, etc). We'll need to update our preset themes, theme generator, design tokens, and provide a migration path for your custom themes. Look for more details on this soon.
  • If you're using the official Tailwind Line Clamp plugin, this may now be removed. These features are now built-in. Note the CLI will no longer prompt you to install this plugin.

If you would like to view our progress towards implementing the additional Tailwind updates, you can monitor it here:

Inclusive Prop Terms for Autocomplete

We realize some folks will have opinions on this, but this is a change that was suggested by the community and we feel meets Skeleton's overall goal of building an inclusive community. It aligns with our Code of Conduct. However, this does come with the cost of a minor breaking change. This includes changes to the names of two properties:

  • blacklist - now called denylist
  • whitelist - now called allowlist

This would typically constitute a major release for semantic versioning, however after internal review we've decided the fact that autocomplete is so new, paired with the relatively small scope of the change, that we'll limit this to a minor point change. Note that this will be the exception to the rule and not common practice. But please do take care to update your applications.

Minor Updates